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NBA外围下注-谷歌最新数据显示 网络的安全性正在提高

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本文摘要:While reports of major hackings continue to make news, the sites you visit are safer than ever before.虽然关于网络黑客的报导仍旧屡见不鲜,但事实是你所采访网站的安全系数比以往任何时候都低。

While reports of major hackings continue to make news, the sites you visit are safer than ever before.虽然关于网络黑客的报导仍旧屡见不鲜,但事实是你所采访网站的安全系数比以往任何时候都低。In fact, the web is more secure than it was just a year ago.只不过仅有和一年前比起,互联网的安全性就提升了不少。Thats because more websites are finally using encrypted connections, according to Googles transparency report.按照谷歌在透明度报告中的众说纷纭,网络安全的提升归功于用于加密相连的网站更加多。

More than half of the pages loaded by Googles Chrome desktop browser on the web now use HTTPS -- and two-thirds of total time is spent on encrypted websites.Chrome(谷歌浏览器)桌面用户所网页的页面中,逾半数通过HTTPS加密协议传输;网页HTTPS网页占到到用户网际网路时长的三分之二。Sites that use HTTPS -- compared to HTTP -- let you securely pay for things online, check your bank account, and view and share sensitive data.同HTTP比起,用于HTTPS安全性传输的站点更加能确保用户在线缴纳、银行账户查找、脆弱信息网页和共享的安全性。To do so, it encrypts communications between the browser and web server, so information is protected against hackers or eavesdroppers.因为在用于加密传输协议后,网站服务商和网际网路用户之间的对话将被加密,避免电脑黑客和网络监听者的侵略。

You can tell when youre on a secure website by seeing HTTPS and a padlock in your browsers address bar.你可以通过查阅浏览器地址栏中否有HTTPS字样以及挂锁标志,来辨别所网页的网页否归属于安全性网站。A web with ubiquitous HTTPS is not the distant future, Chrome security engineers wrote in a blog post last Thursday. Its happening now, with secure browsing becoming standard for users of Chrome.谷歌网络安全工程师上周四在博客中写道:“网站全部用于HTTPS加密传输协议的目标并非遥不可及。


只不过目前HTTPS协议的用于正在普及,安全性网页已沦为Chrome用户的标配。”Google began collecting Chrome browsing data in April 2015 when it discovered less than half of pages people viewed were secure.2015年4月,谷歌找到网民所网页的网页中安全性网页将近一半,于是开始搜集Chrome中的网页数据。


Meanwhile, about 60% of web traffic using Chrome on a Mac currently accesses encrypted sites, compared to 51% on Windows and 43% on Android.数据表明,用于Chrome浏览器的苹果电脑上,有60%的客访量来自于加密的网页,相比之下,Windows和Android用户的比例要小一些,分别为51%和43%。But theres still a long way to go: Of the top 100 non-Google websites globally, just 34 have HTTPS by default.即便如此,网络安全依然是任重而道远。在全球前100的非谷歌网站中只有34个网站配置文件用于HTTPS加密传输协议。

Eventually Google hopes it will become standard. To achieve ubiquity, the company will start naming and shaming sites that dont use it.谷歌的最后目的是将HTTPS加密传输协议变为行业标准。为了超过这一目的,谷歌将所列那些并未加密网站的名称,对其施加压力。