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本文摘要:Huawei, the privately-held Chinese telecoms equipment giant, says revenue grew by a fifth in 2014 to Rmb287-289bn ($46-$47bn), led by its smartphones division.私人所有的中国电信设备生产巨头华为(Huawei)称之为,2014年公司收益快速增长五分之一,至2870亿至2890亿元人民币(合460亿至470亿美元),其中智能手机部门快速增长最慢。

Huawei, the privately-held Chinese telecoms equipment giant, says revenue grew by a fifth in 2014 to Rmb287-289bn ($46-$47bn), led by its smartphones division.私人所有的中国电信设备生产巨头华为(Huawei)称之为,2014年公司收益快速增长五分之一,至2870亿至2890亿元人民币(合460亿至470亿美元),其中智能手机部门快速增长最慢。Overall sales rose 20 per cent compared with the previous year, driven by a 32 per cent surge in smartphone sales, according to unaudited figures published on Tuesday.周二发布的予以审核的数据表明,归功于智能手机销售32%的快速增长,华为2014年总销售额同比快速增长20%。Operating profits are expected to reach Rmb33.9bn to Rmb34.3bn, giving a margin in line with the previous year of 12 per cent.运营利润预计将超过339亿至343亿元人民币,使利润率超过12%,与上年持平。Huawei’s consumer business group, which includes handsets, has been the fastest growing branch of the company better known for making large-scale telecoms network infrastructure.华为的消费者事业群(还包括手机业务)近年是公司快速增长最慢的部门,该公司更加著名的是生产大型电信网络基础设施。



Huawei was the world’s third biggest smartphone maker in the third quarter of 2014, according to research firm Garner. But its ranking slips depending how the numbers are cut: Strategy Analytics ranked Huawei fifth while fellow research group IDC put it lower still, behind Xiaomi, Lenovo and LG.调研公司低德纳(Gartner)的数据表明,2014年第三季度华为是全球第三大智能手机制造商。但各不相同数据统计资料方式,其名列有所下降:研究机构Strategy Analytics将华为列入全球第五,而同行市场研究机构IDC得出的名列更加较低,名列小米(Xiaomi)、误解(Lenovo)和LG之后。Huawei, which makes 75 per cent of its revenue overseas, has said it expects sales to grow at least 10 per cent per year, in US dollar terms, until 2017.华为75%的收益来自海外,它回应期望以美元计算出来的销售额在2017年之前最少维持每年10%的快速增长。


Compared with galloping smartphone sales, the company’s core telecoms equipment-making carrier business group grew at a more modest 15 per cent year on year. Expansion was boosted by global investment in 3G and 4G networks, especially in China, whose spending comprised about half of the total worldwide investment in 4G networks last fiscal year.与高速快速增长的智能手机销售比起,华为核心的电信设备生产部门——运营商事业群快速增长更加保守,同比为15%。这方面的扩展归功于全球对3G和4G网络的投资,特别是在是中国,上一个财年的4G网络开支大约占到全球总投资的一半。

The country’s telecoms equipment makers have benefited from a domestic push to upgrade networks to 4G. Huawei won roughly a third of the contracts in 2014 from China’s three major telecom networks to build a total 600,000 4G/LTE bay stations by the end of the year. Domestic rival ZTE claimed another third.中国电信设备制造商获益于国内运营商的4G网络升级工程。2014年,华为取得了中国三大电信运营网络大约三分之一的合约,年底前建设总计60万座4G/LTE基站。其国内竞争对手中兴(ZTE)取得了另外三分之一。The company attributed the growth in its consumer business to demand for mid-range and high-end phones, especially in emerging markets. It has emulated Xiaomi by adopting a similar online marketing strategy, which helped fuel a 20-fold increase in Huawei’s Honor range of smartphones to 20m in just one year, according to Reuters.华为将其消费者业务的快速增长归咎于消费者对中高端手机的市场需求,特别是在是在新兴市场。